Round Picture Frame Aluminium White

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Round aluminium picture frames for decorating your favourite motifs.

Until now, this variant of presenting motifs in picture frames was only reserved for the big stores. We bring them to your home! The aluminium frames are particularly light. The frames have a narrow groove all around. In this groove a piping attached to the textile print is simply inserted and thus the print stretches over the frame like a sail. The motifs are presented frontally almost frameless. The profile of the frame is with 4cm but neat and gives the necessary depth so that the motifs look maximally exciting on your walls. The prints are not comparable to conventional canvases. We use a recyclable fabric for the print, which is particularly matt and high quality.

Attention: You can't mount your own textiles or fabrics, because you need a welt all around, which is clamped into the groove of the frame. You will surely find your motif in our gallery!

If you would like to print your own logo, please send us an email and we will send you a personal offer.

See here how easy it is to change the motifs in the picture frames:


Diameter: Ø 70 cm
For motif size: Ø 70 cm
Fillet depth: 4cm
Color: whiteIncl.

wall hanging set.
1 Frameday picture hook, screws and dowels


By the way: We produce sustainably. No, this is not a marketing trick, but a promise. All our textile motifs are produced in Germany and are made of recycled material. Our packaging is also plastic-free and recyclable. Find out more about our commitment to the environment here.